Milchkühe Weide

Ruminant husbandry is a pillar of Swiss agriculture: over two-thirds of Switzerland’s utilised agricultural area consists of grassland. Agroscope research supports the development of sustainable grassland systems. It also aims to identify measures for controlling greenhouse gas emissions from ruminant husbandry without penalising the competitiveness of farms.


Publications on this topic can be found here.

Dairy Husbandry

The experimental housing enables the development of emission-limiting solutions.

Beef Production

Producing grass-based beef in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly manner

Latest News and Further Information

Virtual Fencing without Long-Term Stress for Cows

Agroscope tested a virtual fencing system that demarcates pastures without physical barriers, using acoustic and electrical signals only. The cows quickly learned to navigate the system.

More Income from Grass-Based Beef Production

Agroscope studied how grass-based farms can produce beef in a cost-efficient and environmentally sound manner.


Forage-Based Mixed Rations for Dairy Sheep and Goats in Practice

Professional dairy sheep and goat farms are increasingly relying on mixed rations. Agroscope analysed the composition of the rations fed in practice and their dairy production potential.