Methods Development and Analytics


Many advances are only made possible through new technologies. The CD possesses the expertise and infrastructure for developing and validating cutting-edge analytical and molecular-genetic technologies and methods and implementing them in research projects or enforcement tasks inter alia in its ISO 17025-accredited laboratories (STS 0077; STS 0223). Jointly developed projects are run with internal and external project partners. Among the most important topics are:

  1. Quality assurance in the manufacturing of feed and food through e.g. analytical, microbiological and sensory monitoring;
  2. Development of innovative laboratory and analytics methods, new reference methods, and bioinformatics pipelines for analysing and integrating genome, transcriptome and metagenome data;
  3. Genetic characterisation of agronomically relevant organisms, e.g. for the development of new genetic identification tests;
  4. Analytical researching of quality-determining parameters in sample material, e.g. the characterisation of proteins, metabolites and metabolic processes. 

Division staff are recognised experts in national and international organisations, supervise PhD students, apprentices, and visiting researchers.

Research Groups