Competence Divisions / Strategic Research Divisions

Competence Divisions


Animals, Products of Animal Origin and Swiss National Stud

The CD possesses a modern research infrastructure, and is responsible for its further development. It is also responsible for conducting practice-oriented trials in the production and processing of milk and meat, for developing cultures for fermented foods, for the Swiss National Stud, and for the Official Feed Inspectorate.



Plants and Plant Products

The «Plants and Plant Products» Competence Division develops practical solutions for the Swiss plant production sector and is involved in various enforcement activities. It cultivates close ties with agricultural practitioners, agricultural advisory services and other stakeholders in the value chain for the purpose of knowledge exchange. In addition, it works together with Swiss federal and cantonal agencies and promotes the networking of research within Agroscope.



Methods Development and Analytics

The CD possesses the expertise and infrastructure for developing and validating cutting-edge analytical and molecular-genetic technologies and methodologies, and using them in research projects or enforcement tasks. This includes e.g. quality assurance in the manufacture of feed and food through analytical, microbiological and sensory monitoring.


Strategic Research Divisions


Plant Breeding

The RD breeds new varieties of wheat, soya, forage plants and fruit with a view to their commercial success, environmentally sound cultivation, and use in the production of safe, high-quality products. On behalf of the Swiss Confederation, the RD also researches the benefits and risks of genetically modified plants and of the latest breeding technologies.



Plant-Production Systems

Changed economic framework conditions, the increasing scarcity of resources, climate change, population growth and the growing demands of society – these are the issues addressed in this RD. Our findings help us formulate good plant-production practice, further improve the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, and minimise risks for humans and the environment.



Plant Protection

The RD conducts research into the biology and ecology of harmful organisms and their natural antagonists, in order to develop preventive and conservation measures for the protection of crops. This gives rise to new strategies, the improvement of forecasting models, and a reduction of the risks of chemical plant-protection products.



Animal Production Systems and Animal Health

The RD develops sustainable animal-production systems which optimise roughage production, ensure the well-being of ruminants and pigs, deliver high-quality products, and contribute to an environmentally friendly and cost-efficient agricultural sector. Through its bee research, it develops bases for bee health and beekeeping.



Food Microbial Systems

The FB aims to examine and understand the biodiversity of the microorganisms in selected food microbial systems, so as to be able to use these microorganisms in a purposeful manner. The intention is for fermented foods made from Agroscope’s exclusive culture collections to have a competitive edge in terms of quality or safety, and for their origins to be easily traceable.



Agroecology and Environment

The environment is adversely affected by the agricultural use of natural resources as well as by ecosystem services. The RD records and models these impacts, and describes the need for action to minimise them. LCAs and sustainability assessments enable the evaluation of options for the future direction of agriculture.



Sustainability Assessment and Agricultural Management

The Research Division develops decision-making bases for policy-makers so that the latter can create optimal framework conditions for a competitive and multifunctional Swiss agricultural sector. Regular analysis of accountancy data allows the identification of promising farm strategies. The Research Division also tests Smart Farming systems for optimising production systems.