Plant Protection


Plant protection has two objectives: to safeguard the quantity and quality of yields in plant production, and to enable profitable and sustainable production.

Harmful organisms (i.e. diseases and pests) lead to substantial yield and quality losses in plant production. In order to develop preventive and curative measures for the protection of crops, the biology and ecology of these harmful organisms and their natural antagonists must be investigated. Based on these studies, new strategies are developed, forecasting models are improved, and the risks of chemical plant-protection products are reduced.

In addition, expert reports for the authorisation of plant-protection products and accompanying research on emerging harmful organisms have the following aim: to ensure a competitive plant-production sector without unacceptable side-effects for the health of humans and the environment.

The findings of the Plant Protection Research Division safeguard agricultural production in Switzerland and make an important contribution to the protection of biodiversity and the environment.

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