Biological methods

Green manures


The incorporation of big amounts of fresh organic matter stimulates the overall activity of soil microorganisms, which has a reducing effect on the survival of the soilborne pathogens.

Green Manures & Cover Crops – Practical Information   Video  Fact sheet  (PDF, 814 kB, 05.05.2020)
Green Manures & Cover Crops – Advantages & Disadvantages  Video  Fact sheet (PDF, 920 kB, 05.05.2020) 



The incorporation of mature compost enriches the soil with specific microorganisms (mainly Trichoderma species) which have a control effect on certain soilborne pathogens (mainly Phytophthora species).

Compost – Practical Information

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Vermicompost – Practical Information

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Thermophilic compost – Practical Information

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Compost – Advantages & disadvantages

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Compost quality

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Microbial antagonists


The soil, especially the rhizosphere (the soil surrounding the roots) can be enriched with microorganisms, that have an antagonistic effect against certain soilborne pathogens, by the addition of specific commercial preparations.

Microbial Antagonists & Biological Control Agents – Practical Information

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