Related Services

The Agroscope phytosanitary servic (APS) at Waedenswil work in close collaboration with the other services of the confederation and the cantons responsible for plant protection. 

Swiss Federal Plant Protection Service (SPPS)  

The Swiss federal plant protection service is composed of services of the Federal Office for Agriculture and the Federal Office for the Environment. Its task is to prevent the introduction and spread of quarantine organisms into agriculture and forests.  

Certification and Plant Protection (FOAG)  

Alfred Kläy and his team coordinate the activities concerning agricultural quarantined organisms at the national level. They are responsible for the legislative (regulation) and financial (phytosanitary funds) aspects of the phytosanitary strategy, for international relations and administrative matters.

They provide information concerning the importation of vegetal material into Switzerland and issue importation licences. They also deal with administrative questions concerning the phytosanitary passport.  

Plant health inspectors (FOAG)  

The plant health inspectors verify the conformity of imported vegetal material with Swiss phytosanitary requirements: verification of documents (phytosanitary certificate or passport) and phytosanitary inspections (at the customs or at the location of the consignee). Upon request, information about opening hours and border post competencies is available.  

Forestry Plant Protection (FOEN)  

Antonello Speroni coordinates the forestry sector phytosanitary activities at the national level. He deals with importation and exportation matters related to forest plant material and wood.  

Cantonal Phytosanitary Services (CPS)  

The aim of these services is to implement the Ordinance on Vegetal Protection within the country. Specifically, they monitor the territory, check the presence of quarantine organisms and organise the fight against them in case an outbreak is detected. They must be contacted when suspect symptoms are observed.  

CITES Coordination  

Ursula Moser is responsible for the coordination of the enforcement of the CITES convention related to flora. 


Swiss Federal Plant Protection

Cantonal Phytosanitary Services