Research Projects

Obstbau Wissenstransfer

Practical Solutions for Fruit Production Systems

Practice and research work hand in hand. The ‘Fruit-Production Extension’ Research Group is the practitioners’ gateway to all matters relating to fruit growing. The aim is to create new, practical measures for promoting quality; thereby focusing on cultivation systems, fruit thinning, weed control, mechanical mowing, fertiliser application, replant diseases, measures for combating physiological problems, and cross-system plant-protection issues.

Obstau Schweizerkarte Totaleinnetzung

Sustainable Control of Harmful Arthropods in Fruit Production

Fruit crops are threatened by a multiplicity of pests. To enable us to ensure high internal and external fruit quality for consumers, plant protection measures are essential. The aim of this project on pests in fruit production is to highlight options and strategies for lower-risk, sustainable PPP use.

Obstbau Ernte

Analysis and Assessment of the Profitability of Fruit and Vegetable Production

Fruit- and vegetable production is subject to high disease- and pest pressure, and is heavily dependent upon weather conditions. To achieve regular high yields, greater investment and far-reaching management decisions are essential. With monitoring systems, tools, assessments and analyses, Agroscope promotes profitable production that is competitive at an international level.

Sortenprüfung Kirsche Zwetschge

Variety Testing of Pome and Stone Fruits

Variety testing at Agroscope involves the assessment of new varieties from all over the world. The aim is to test the suitability for cultivation, productivity and marketability of these varieties in order to identify those with significant value-added. The unbiased and comprehensive testing of new varieties is of key importance for the Swiss fruit sector, and serves as a crucial decision-making tool for production and trade.

Competitive and Sustainable Fruit Production via Efficient Growing Systems

Efficient Growing Systems in Fruit Production

The combination of efficient orchard systems with the precise management of irrigation represents a major challenge for the development of a competitive, sustainable and environmentally friendly arboriculture sector. Agroscope contributes to the development of the measuring and data-transmission equipment, as well as to the implementation of tools designed to improve water efficiency in orchards.

Previous Projects

Apfel Tagung Obstbau

Sustainable Production of High-Quality Fruit

„Create knowledge for practice“ is the slogan of the Extension Fruit Growing group. The team is addressing fruit growers’ issues raised in the pome and stone fruit forums.

Obstbau Blüten Niederstamm

Resource-Sparing Orchard Fruit Production Systems

Resource-Sparing Cultivation Systems are Developed and Compared with Already-Established Systems in Terms of Sustainability, Fruit Quality and Cost-Effectiveness.

Aprikosen Sorten

Sustainable production of high quality apricots

Our activity is mainly focused on the development of innovative techniques dedicated to the Extension people, to the producers and to the fruit traders.