Wine, Destillate

Wein und Destillate

Controlling Wine Quality

High quality is meant to be a defining feature of Swiss wines, as a justification for their prices. This quality can only be achieved if all production steps from vine to bottle pass off optimally. The aim of our trials is e.g. to highlight how wine quality can be maintained and improved, especially in the context of climate change. In addition, we aspire to produce innovations, such as new, disease-resistant grape varieties, or allergen-free products. 


The distiller’s skill begins with the fermentation of the must, and leads to a delicate brandy. During this process, problems such as stuck fermentation can arise. Our research therefore works on practical quality-assurance solutions with respect to raw materials, maceration, fermentation and distillation techniques, and the finishing of brandies. Our experts also use their know-how in the sensory assessments  conducted at brandy award ceremonies, or offer courses for distillers and distillery customers.