Food Safety


Consumers expect safe milk and dairy products. In order to guarantee a high level of safety for these food products, we support producers, processors and the relevant federal and cantonal agencies with expert knowledge, prevalence data and research findings, as well as dealing with food safety issues in the animal production chain. Particular emphasis is placed on the microbial challenges of raw-milk cheeses.

Plant foods play an important role in human nutrition and make a positive contribution to maintaining health. The food work group carries out research into fruit and vegetable ingredients, develops methods for preserving optimal food quality from production to table and investigates the sensory characteristics of plant foods.


Consumption of Raw Goat’s Milk: What Is the Risk of Infection with TBE Viruses?

Tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) pathogens can be transmitted to humans by the consumption of raw milk and raw-milk products from infected goats. The risk is judged to be low, and is most likely to come from on-farm consumption of the (unpasteurised) products.