ART Work Budget – Software for Agricultural Operational Planning


Agroscope’s ART Work Budget is the efficient planning tool for workforce and machinery use on farms. ART Work Budget software enables you to individually tailor the calculation of working-time requirement to your farm. The results help you to optimally plan the deployment of your workforce and available time.

You benefit directly from Agroscope basic research.

An Effective Tool for Optimising your Farm

The results show:

  • Time requirement for work and production processes
  • Work over the course of the year
  • Weekly workload peaks 

You compare the work to be done with the available workforce. This helps you crack workload peaks and reduce or completely prevent stress owing to work overload. The program covers all farm activities (including farm management and special jobs), and is established as an advisory tool.

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Software ART-Arbeitsvoranschlag (V1.5.3.0 / 03.09.2018) (ZIP, 97 MB, 02.03.2021)ART Work Budget, free software including demo licence, licences on demand (also available on storage medium).

LabourScope – Working-Time Requirement Online

The LabourScope Web app enables simplified yet faster calculation of working-time requirement for agricultural and household activities.

LabourScope is available to you, online and free of charge: