LabourScope – The Work Budget for Agricultural and Domestic Activities

LabourScope is a specialised app for calculating the working-time requirement of work and production processes on the farm. This tool contains a work budget and key labour-economics figures for field work and work in animal housing, as well as for activities in the farm household.

Just a Few Clicks to the Result

Working-time requirement calculations for individual farms are performed with just a few clicks by entering the number and size of plots for field work, the number of animals for work in animal housing, and the people living in the household for domestic activities.  What’s more, from a list of work processes, users can select those that best match the mechanisation of their own farm, thereby customising their production process.

User-friendly functions:

  • User login for saving and editing your own variants
  • Data export for further use and completion in Excel
  • Graphic and tabular presentation of results
  • Use on all end devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones) possible
  • Key figures always up to date, since data are centrally saved
  • No update necessary
  • Free app

Basis for Vulnerability Analyses and Optimisation of Workflows at Farm Level

The Work Budget is a planning tool for work to be done on the farm, and is geared to educators, the advisory services and agricultural practitioners, as well as government agencies and researchers. For activities occurring on the farm, standard process sequences were compiled. The planned-time values for the work processes in question are based on time measurements in practice. The process sequences are subdivided into farm sectors and farm activities, as well as production and work processes. The results enable detailed work-economics analyses.

Key Work-Economics Figures for Process Comparisons

In addition to the Work Budget, LabourScope contains an interactive table of key figures. Planned times for numerous predefined workflows from a wide variety of farm sectors are available under the heading ‘Key Figures for Work Processes’. These planned times are displayed in tabular and graphic form, allowing the user to compare the working-time requirement for selected process variants and size categories with one another at a glance.  

A Planning Tool for the Entire Farm

Shared farm management between life partners is increasingly a subject of discussion in the agricultural sector. Women and men are active both on the farm and in the household, and are involved in child rearing or care for family members on the farm.  For the calculation of the working-time requirement on family farms, LabourScope not only offers planning bases for agriculture, but also furnishes key figures for household activities and family life. With the equal treatment of farm and domestic activities, both the shared accomplishment of work and new divisions of labour between women and men are taken into account.