Vital and Attractive Rural Areas

Ländlicher Raum

We point out how agriculture can be enhanced with complementary value chains such as tourism, the expansion of positive external effects (e.g. environmental services), or renewable energies. We develop the bases for sustainable development and consistent land-use planning. 

Research Projects

Horse Equine Advice Knowledge Transfer

Equine Advice & Knowledge Transfer

Through its Horse Advisory Agency and its initial and continuing education courses for the whole equine sector, Agroscope Swiss National Stud provides knowledge up to university level on the keeping, reproduction and breeding of horses.

Bee Products, Pesticide Risks and Reference Laboratory

Bee Products, Pesticide Risks and Reference Laboratory

The aim of Agroscope’s Centre for Bee Research (ZBF) is to maintain and improve the quality of bee products as well as to scientifically assess the bee-compatibility of PPP’s. The ZBF is also the Reference Laboratory for Bee Diseases.

Rural Landscape and Countryside

Rural Landscape and Countryside

Switzerland is famous for its attractive rural landscape. It can only be preserved, however, if we are able to recognise and assess the most important processes involved in changing it.

Projekt Soziale Dimension in der Landwirtschaft Landschaft Stall

Social Dimension of Agriculture

The regional development of rural areas in Switzerland is not uniform, depending as it does on a great many factors. Agroscope is investigating which of these could lead to land-use conflicts.