Work Programme 2014-2017

Agroscope - Research for an Efficient, Ecological Agricultural Sector.

Agriculture and the agri-food sector are faced with major challenges: the population is growing whilst arable land is disappearing.

Already, only 60 per cent of the food consumed in Switzerland is produced domestically. It is therefore important that Switzerland derive the best from its available natural resources via efficient, environmentally compatible production in line with market requirements.

In order to deliver action knowledge for pending problems, Agroscope will focus on six thematic priorities:

Ökologische Intensivierung

Ecological Intensification

In view of global and national population growth, it is essential that agricultural production be boosted without putting an additional strain on the environment. That is why we are working on more-efficient, environmentally compatible methods in animal husbandry and plant production.

Natürliche Ressourcen

Natural Resources

The natural resources soil, air, water and biodiversity are the basis of our agricultural sector. We conduct research for sustainable management, so that these resources will also be available to future generations.

Klimaschutz und Klimawandel

Challenge Climate Change

Agriculture and the food sector are expected to reduce its greenhousegas emissions and protect carbon sinks. At the same time, it is called upon to adapt its production to climate change.

Lebensmittel, Ernährung

Food and Nutrition

Healthy food is free from contaminants and harmful microorganisms. This can be achieved with strategies such as traceability, seed testing, appropriate growing and processing methods, variety breeding, or plant protection.



Issues such as production costs, the impact of liberalisation steps and the development of national and international agricultural markets play a role in competitiveness. We deliver the knowledge for the creation of suitable framework conditions and decision-making aids for policy-makersn and businesses.

Ländlicher Raum

Rural Areas

We point out how agriculture can be enhanced with complementary value chains such as tourism, the expansion of positive external effects (e.g. environmental services), or renewable energies. We develop the bases for sustainable development and consistent land-use planning.

Further Information

Masterplan BLW 2013-16 (german) (PDF, 2 MB, 15.02.2023)Forschungskonzept Land- und Ernährungswirtschaft 2013–2016