Social Dimension of Agriculture

Projekt Soziale Dimension in der Landwirtschaft Landschaft Stall

The regional development of rural areas in Switzerland is not uniform, depending as it does on a great many factors. Agroscope is investigating which of these could lead to land-use conflicts.
In the countryside, it seems that all is still right with the world. In reality, however, it is precisely there that it is often unclear how development will proceed. This applies both to the search for the ideal regulatory level for agricultural policy measures, as well as to the quest for an optimum enforcement process.

The question arises as to whether regionalisation of agricultural policy measures could improve the achievement of policy objectives. In addition, spatial planning and regional policy can also strongly influence rural development. Nowadays, however, we are still lacking a lot of the basics on the interactions in rural areas.

For this reason, Agroscope is investigating the reasons behind land-use conflicts, the regional distribution of production processes, and sealing through new building. The results show which regional and local factors and processes are driving the development of rural areas. Moreover, they furnish approaches for improving the policy control of this development.

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Social Dimension of Agriculture