Better Competitiveness


Issues such as production costs, the impact of liberalisation steps and the development of national and international agricultural markets play a role in competitiveness. We deliver the knowledge for the creation of suitable framework conditions and decision-making aids for policy-makersn and businesses. 

Research Projects

Projekt Analyse gesellschaftlicher Makrostrukturen Landschaft

Analysis of Social Macrostructures

The policy sector does not always use public funds efficiently, but Agroscope’s mathematical models can help it make better decisions.

Projekt Wirtschaftlichkeitsanalyse und betriebliche Umweltoekonomie Traktor

Profitability Analysis and Environmental Economics at Farm Level

Reducing production costs is currently one of the most important challenges facing Swiss agriculture. Costs in Switzerland are markedly higher than in the neighbouring countries.

Farm Accountancy Data Network for Switzerland

Swiss Farm Accountancy Data Network

Agroscope conducts an annual analysis of the economic situation of Swiss farms. Of particular interest here in agricultural policy terms are income levels.

Projekt verfahrenstechnische Grundlagen zur Systembewertung Stall Kühe

Construction and Process Engineering for Animal Husbandry Systems

The optimisation of animal-husbandry systems requires efficient, cost-effective work and production processes, and can only be achieved by the best possible use of process engineering.