Climate Protection and Change

Klimaschutz und Klimawandel

Agriculture and the food sector are expected to reduce its greenhousegas emissions and protect carbon sinks. At the same time, it is called upon to adapt its production to climate change. 

Research Projects

Adaptation vigne

Adaptation of Grapevines to Abiotic Stresses, Physiology and Canopy- Management Systems

To study the influence of wine water status on the various grape varieties, particularly their physiological characteristics and the grape- and wine quality.

Gaseous Emissions from Agroecosystems

Gaseous Emissions from Agroecosystems

Agriculture is losing a substantial proportion of applied nitrogen fertiliser to the atmosphere in the form of various gases.

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Agriculture under Climate Change

It is expected that in Switzerland, as elsewhere, the climatic conditions will markedly change over the coming decades. This will have implications for agriculture.

Carbon Sources and Sinks in Agricultural Soils: Processes, Identifica-tion, Quantification, Mitigation

Carbon Sources and Sinks in Agricultural Soils

Agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are largely controlled by management and changes in land-use. Soil carbon storage as well as methane and nitrous oxide emissions are particularly sensitive to these components; any changes in them feed back to our climate system, to the soil and hence to the environmental impact of agriculture.


Life Cycle Assessment: Applications

How much CO2 does the production of a cutlet generate? What wheat-cultivation system is the most environmentally friendly? Our research projects provide answers to questions such as these.