Weinbau Rebberg

Agroscope’s viticulture and oenology research aims to solve Swiss winegrowers’ and cellarers’ practical problems, bearing in mind regional specificities.


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Plant Protection in Viticulture

Agroscope’s research activities contribute to the identification of practical solutions for plant protection in viticulture.

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Energieeffizienz im Weinkellereien

Optimising the power consumption of wine cellars

Transforming grapes into wine consumes power. Various research projects are underway and courses are being run for practitioners to encourage energy transition in wine cellars. In an article published in the viticultural journal Vignes et Vergers, Agroscope researcher Gilles Bourdin takes stock of the situation.

Weinbau Muskat

Variability and Clonal Selection of Muscats in the Valais

Safeguarding the clonal diversity of Muscats in the Valais has enabled the characterisation of 42 small-berried Muscats and 36 Moscato Giallo varieties. The characteristics of the two are quite distinct, particularly their aromatic potential. The best clones will be included in the Swiss certification scheme.


Mechanised Pre-flowering Grapevine Leaf Removal: Benefits and Risks

Pre-flowering leaf removal is a recent viticultural practice. It reduces fungal disease pressure, limits yields and improves grape composition. An Agroscope study shows that pre-flowering mechanical leaf removal reduces effort, but also involves risks.