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Agroscope focuses on meat quality, feeding, animal-friendly housing systems and animal health as top priorities, with the aim of developing the most important production-engineering and environmental parameters as well as problem-solving approaches for pig production, and continuously updating the feeding recommendations.


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CapSa – a Pill for Studying the Gut Microbiome –YouTube

Agroscope researchers have developed a capsule that can take a gut sample unobtrusively from a live pig. This animal-friendly invention is a game-changer for microbiome research.

Gelbes Buch Umschlag

Feed Recommendations for Pigs

Training-and-advice basics of pig feeding in Switzerland

Schweine Erdmandelgras

Controlling Yellow Nutsedge with Free-Range Pigs

Using pigs is an effective, eco-friendly and
soil-friendly way to control the weed yellow nutsedge, and also provides the bonus
of the animal’s saleable meat.