Young researchers and their projects

Posieux ein Schwein frisst

Videos on pig-nutrition research projects conducted by young researchers at Agroscope.

Julien Heurtault
To limit the use of dietary phosphorus, the lactating sow can use her bone reserves

Francesco Palumbo
Feed dietary fibres to sows for optimal intestinal flora and a good development of piglets.

Marco Tretola
Recycle agri-food industry leftovers as feed for pigs

Peng Lin
Reduce food-waste by using biscuits in the diet of sows in lactation.

Sharon Mazzoleni
Recycle former food-products by fatteners

Roberta Ruggeri
Identification and characterization of intra uterine growth retarded piglets

Inès Garcia Vinado
A novel non-invasive capsule to study intestinal microbiome of pigs