The cultural heritage of agriculture

2018 is the year of cultural heritage! This includes crops and livestock adapted to a region and matching society's needs.


Antibiotic Resistance on the Increase

Agroscope experts are investigating where antibiotic resistance can arise in the food supply chain. The research projects are intended to help highlight and eliminate weak points, so that antibiotics can continue to remain effective against diseases in future.


Using, Protecting and Improving the Soil

An der Nachhaltigkeitstagung vom 18. Januar liegt der Fokus auf der Bodenfruchtbarkeit. Wie genau kann man einen Boden fruchtbar halten?


New asset for the South of the Alps

The research Cadenazzo Campus was officially opened September 30, 2016 in the presence of cantonal and communal authorities. The buildings have been designed to the highest standards of energy saving and respect for the environment.

Geheimnisse Honigproduktion Bienen Waben

Bee Honey-Production Secrets Revealed

Thanks to never-before-seen X-ray images of bee honeycombs, a team composed of researchers from both Agroscope and the Institute for Bee Health at the University of Bern were able to observe how honey is produced.

2016 Eucarpia Exkursion

Eucarpia Congress 2016: Plant Breeding as both Art and Science

New technological tools have lent a new dimension to plant breeding.

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