Climate Change: a Challenge

What are the impacts of climate change on agriculture, crops and livestock? And how should agriculture tackle the challenges? We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers.

Agrivoltaics: Dual Use of Agricultural Land

Agrivoltaics aims to combine renewable electricity generation and under-cover agricultural production on the same plot and without competition. Agroscope is involved in the monitoring and agronomic evaluation of crops in several pilot projects.


Agriculture in Discourse

Agroscope addresses the challenges we currently face and investigates the most environmentally compatible ways of ensuring a good harvest now and in future. Experts highlight solutions.

TeGenesis Züchtungsmethode

Agroscope Researchers Use New Breeding Methods

TEgenesis® is a new breeding method which, among other things, accelerates climate-change adaptation in plants. The method therefore has great potential for finding faster responses to the challenges of the agriculture and food sector than conventional breeding can.

Liste variétale

Lists of Recommended Varieties

As far as possible, the tested and recommended varieties meet the following criteria: they are adapted to our soil and climate, disease-resistant, compliant with market quality standards, high-yielding and easy to produce.

Last modification 19.03.2024

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