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Nadja El Benni

Model Systems Are Decision-Support Tools, No More and No Less - 13.06.2019

Part of Agroscope‚Äôs agricultural research remit is to provide scientifically based decision-support tools, including forecasting systems that make use of weather data to predict the occurrence of certain diseases or pests. Agricultural economists also use various model systems for their calculations that serve as decision support tools for farmers as well as for administrators, policymakers and the general population. 


Innovation reduces pesticide use - 06.05.2019

Potatoes, outdoor-grown vegetables and maize: spring is the sowing season in the farming calendar. In choosing the crops and varieties that are best adapted to pedoclimatic conditions and market demand, farmers assume a major responsibility. These decisions as well as their choice of cultivation techniques will also determine how they will protect their crops against pests, diseases and weeds. The plant-protection strategy will influence yields, profit, and impact on the environment.


Alternatives to pesticides are a central focus at Agroscope - 26.02.2019

Nothing works without plant protection, because it guarantees the quantity and quality of yields in cereal, fruit and vegetable cultivation, as well as in all other agricultural crops. Now Agroscope too is contributing information on this highly topical issue. Eva Reinhard, Head of Agroscope, explains what research has already achieved and what it may achieve in future.

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