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Grassland Switzerland

Switzerland is a grassland country: its climate and soil provide ideal conditions for producing meadow fodder. Agroscope researches for multifunctional, efficient and sustainable grassland use.


Research Platform « Flowering Habitats »

Agriculture faces many challenges. In order to be sustainable, it must produce as efficiently as possible and, at the same time, preserve the natural resources and allow farmers to make a reasonable income. One of the many challenges is to use tailored flowering elements on the farm, which promote ecosystem services (pollination, pest control, etc.) in order to enable high-quality agricultural production and preserve biodiversity. The platform "Flowering Habitats" by Agroscope, FiBL, HAFL and SBV aims to help overcome this challenge.

Leuchtturm Thema 2018 Boden

Using, Protecting and Improving the Soil

What factors constitute a fertile soil?

Geheimnisse Honigproduktion Bienen Waben

Bee Honey-Production Secrets Revealed

Thanks to never-before-seen X-ray images of bee honeycombs, a team composed of researchers from both Agroscope and the Institute for Bee Health at the University of Bern were able to observe how honey is produced.


The cultural heritage of agriculture

The cultural heritage includes crops and livestock adapted to a region and matching society's needs.

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