Animals, Products of Animal Origin and Swiss National Stud


The Competence Division possesses an extensive, modern research infrastructure and technology in the sphere of animals and products of animal origin, and is responsible for the maintenance and further development thereof. The Division is responsible for conducting trials in the sphere of milk and meat production and processing, and cooperates very closely with with the Strategic Re-search Divisions. Staff carry out practice-oriented trials with cattle and pigs, are committed to innovative, highquality and safe milk and meat products along the entire “farm to fork” value chain, and develop and produce cultures for fermented foods.

The Competence Division also encompasses the activities of the Swiss National Stud (SNF) and the Official Feed Control (OFC). The SNS supports sustainable, competitive and species-appropriate horse-keeping and breeding nationwide through practice-oriented research and knowledge transfer. The OFC constitutes the first step of inspections along the food chain. It ensures that feed producers and distributors meet the relevant legal requirements, thereby contributing to the protection of human and animal health, as well as the health of the environment.

Research Groups