Animal Production Systems and Animal Health


The Research Division develops sustainable animal-production systems which optimise roughage production, ensure the health and well-being of the animals, deliver healthy, high-quality products, and contribute to an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient agricultural sector.

For ruminants and pigs, feeding according to the requirements for maintaining the animals’ health is a prime concern. This enables optimal utilisation of nutrients, thereby reducing costs for the agricultural sector and protecting the environment. The focus is on efficient and site-appropriate use of grassland resources in the face of a changing climate, the production of high-quality roughage, and the preservation of biological and agricultural diversity.

The Research Division develops the scientific basis for improving and developing animal-friendly forms of housing, and is responsible for the testing and authorisation procedure for housing facilities for cattle, pigs, sheep and goats.

Bee research promotes best beekeeping practice. It develops the basis for bee health and beekeeping, and deals with current issues of breeding, honey production and honey quality, in order to ensure efficient pollination.

Research Groups