The main mission of the ‘Oenology’ Group is to provide the professionals of the winegrowing sector with solutions for allowing wines to express their terroir whilst guaranteeing their consistency and reducing the use of inputs, all within the context of a liberalised and competitive market. The optimisation of the vinification processes of the new fungal-disease-resistant grape varieties leads to the development of quality wines. Technical itineraries as well as natural resource-friendly, more-energy-saving cellar technologies are tested to meet the new regulatory and sustainability requirements.

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Wein und Destillate

Wine, Destillate

High quality is meant to be a defining feature of Swiss wines, as a justification for their prices. This quality can only be achieved if all production steps from vine to bottle pass off optimally.
Distillates: The distiller’s skill begins with the fermentation of the must, and leads to a delicate brandy.

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