Pome-Fruit Variety Testing

The Siting of Dessert Pome-Fruit Trees

Die Standortbestimmung für Tafelkernobst (=‘The Siting of Dessert Pome-Fruit Trees’) was first published jointly in December 2006 by the UG Testing and Assessment of Pome Fruit and the SOV/swisscofel Dessert Pome-Fruit Product Centre. It provides producers and extension services with an overview of the current state of affairs and trends in the Swiss pome-fruit range. The market opportunities and cultivation recommendations of individual varieties for retail production are dependent upon the definition of marketing windows that are reviewed by the fruit trade and integrated in a subsequent step.

Cider-Fruit Production

The ‘HERAKLES Plus’ project aims to find fireblight- and Marssonina-resistant cider-fruit varieties which match today’s high expectations in terms of juice quality and technological characteristics.  At the same time, crop-protection strategies for controlling fireblight and Marssonina which are also suitable for cider-fruit production are tested. The objective is to maintain and revive cider-fruit production, both for extensively cultivated standard fruit trees and for more-intensively-cultivated cider-fruit orchards. 

Agroscope Transfer leaflet no. 220, Beschreibung wertvoller Mostapfelsorten (= ‘A Description of Valuable Cider-Apple Varieties’), which was revised and expanded in spring 2018, describes high-quality cider-fruit varieties. The detailed descriptions of the different varieties are meant to support producers and extension workers in the selection of varieties, and to help safeguard supplies of high-quality Swiss cider apples over the long term. In order to prevent poor investments and ensure that suitable varieties are chosen, fruit processing and advisory services are included in variety selection.

Variety Fact Sheets Apple

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