Oilseed and protein crops


Oilseed crops

Varietal Study

The choice of high-yielding varieties that are adapted to their environment plays an essential role in the success of a crop. Every year, new varieties are trialled in our testing network in order to ensure the necessary tests for entry in the Swiss national catalogue and to contribute to the drawing up of the lists of recommended varieties. The varieties are described according to established agronomic and quality criteria. New descriptors adapted to demand in the sector can be studied in order to best respond to demand from producers, processors and consumers.

Production Techniques

The impact of environmental conditions on yield and quality are studied with a view to optimising production.Innovative production techniques are tested. Limiting the use of inputs whilst ensuring high-quality crops is a priority. 

Protein crops

Protein crops are critical for improving domestic production of plant proteins, but also for their place in the crop rotation. In addition to representing a source of diversification of the rotations, they also constitute a source of nitrogen.  The evaluation of new varieties of peas and soy will focus on promoting characteristics that are worthwhile for Switzerland, such as adaptation to the climate, or in the case of soy, good quality for human food use (tofu, soy milk).


Further information

Oil extracted from rapeseed HOLL High Oleic Low Linoleic (<3%) has an improved stability at high temperatures.