Our studies have contributed to the improved diagnosis of European foul brood. The methods developed at the Swiss Bee Research Centre are applied at national level to confirm suspicious cases and instigate official remediation measures where necessary.They are also used at international level in research.
We also study the distribution of cases over Swiss territory, the effect of the bacterium on the physiology of the larvae, the virulence of the bacterium, and the role of secondary infections caused by other bacteria. At the level of control methods, we test and certify disinfection products, test potential medication, and study the resistance of certain breeding lines to this pathogen with the aim of stemming the progression of this disease in Switzerland and elsewhere.

Sauerbrut – eine heimtückische Brutkrankheit! (German (PDF, 298 kB, 02.02.2017), French (PDF, 306 kB, 02.02.2017) and Italian (PDF, 300 kB, 02.02.2017)) European foul brood - a malicious brood disease
A. Imdorf, L. Belloy, J.D. Charrière, R. Kuhn, H. Berthoud, P. Gallmann (2005)