Bee pathogens and pests are responsible for a large proportion of the high colony losses observed in recent years. Many different types of organisms seek refuge in the colonies and can trigger diseases there. Among these, for example, are fungi, bacteria, viruses and mites. These affect the adult bees as well as the larval stagies, i.e. the brood. It is the task of the beekeeper to monitor the health of the colonies, and to take action if disease should strike.
Our Guide to Bee Health (available in French, German and Italian) describes the recognition, diagnosis, prevention and control of diseases and pests. It aims to furnish useful information to advisory agencies and bee inspectors as well as beekeepers. All currently known diseases and parasites occurring in Switzerland are listed in this guide, and detailed information is available on our website. Based on this knowledge, beekeepers will be able to take informed responsibility for the health of their colonies. Other pests not yet observed in Switzerland are also presented to enable the beekeeping world to to identify a new invasion in good time, in order to maximise the chances of effectively preventing further problematic organisms from becoming established.