ALL-EMA – ‘Agricultural Species and Habitats’ Monitoring Programme

All-Ema Titel

In order to produce sustainably, agriculture is dependent upon an intact environment. Bees pollinate crops, and other beneficial insects control pests. Conversely, countless wild species are dependent upon habitats in the agricultural landscape. Agriculture has recognised these connections and taken measures to preserve and promote agricultural biodiversity. 

  • How do biodiversity and habitats develop in the Swiss agricultural landscape?
  • How effective are areas reserved for promoting biodiversity?
  • Answers to questions such as these are provided by ALL-EMA, the ‘Agricultural Species and Habitats’ monitoring programme.


  1. Monitoring of species and habitats
    To determine the state of and changes in species and habitats of the Agricultural Environmental Targets in Switzerland’s open agricultural landscape.
  2. Evaluation of areas reserved for promoting biodiversity
    To evaluate the state of and changes in species and habitats in areas reserved for promoting biodiversity that are eligible for subsidies.
  3. Answering practice-oriented research question
    To make data available at national level for the study of correlations and to answer current and future questions.


2015 to 2019: First Survey Cycle
Mapping is conducted between April and August. Every year, one-fifth of the 170 sampling areas spread across Switzerland are mapped. 

2020: Comprehensive Analyses on the State of Biodiversity
The results are to be published. 

2020 to 2024: Second Survey Cycle
Statements on change will be possible after completion of the Second Survey Cycle in 2025.


Agroscope, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest Snow and Landscape Research WSL and the Swiss Biodiversity Monitoring Programme as well as numerous other experts are partners in development and implementation.



Further Information



Part of the Proof of Ecological Performance that must be furnished by farmers in order to be eligible to receive direct payments is the promotion of biodiversity. ALL-EMA was initiated in order to review the effectiveness of these measures.

Use of Synergies

Enshrined in the agri-environmental monitoring programme of the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture, ALL-EMA supplements already existing national biodiversity-monitoring programmes of the Federal Office for the Environment. ALL-EMA collects data on vegetation in the agricultural landscape, and uses faunistic data from the Swiss Biodiversity Monitoring Programme.