ALL-EMA investigates plants, habitats, breeding birds and butterflies in the Swiss agricultural landscape. Relevant field data are recorded on 170 survey squares of 1km2 each. Each survey square is visited once every five years for data collection. The survey squares were selected from a larger number of survey squares used in the Biodiversity Monitoring Switzerland BDM programme.

Twenty per cent of the survey squares are mapped per year, yielding a complete survey in five years. The first five-year cycle began in 2015, and was concluded in 2019.

Since then, an initial systematic description of the state of biodiversity in Switzerland’s agricultural landscape is available. Repeated survey cycles will allow us to detect changes in species and habitat diversity. More on the methodology.

The ALL-EMA (‘Agricultural Species and Habitats’) monitoring programme was developed in order to evaluate the extent to which the agriculture-related Environmental Objectives for biodiversity in species and habitats have been achieved. It was deliberately designed to complement the already existing national monitoring programmes. More on the background.


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