Social and economic values


Agroforestry systems can also be worthwhile in economic terms. As an example, the production of high-quality wood from wild cherry (Prunus avium) or walnut (Juglans regia) can represent a good long-term investment.

In the assessment of overall economic performance, once account is taken of the previously unmarketable environmental services in addition to the marketable services (fruit and wood), agroforestry landscapes are superior to agricultural landscapes.


Moreover, we humans also perceive agroforestry systems (positively). Using Web-based maps (ppGIS), the population of the Franches-Montagnes district (canton of Jura), among others, was questioned on the environmental services in their surroundings. According to this survey, a varied and diversified landscape offered the most perceived benefits.

Interviews on the topic of "vitiforestry in Switzerland" with Swiss winegrowers, experts and viticultural consultants show that promotion of biodiversity and landscape aesthetics are the principal reasons for planting trees in vineyards, along with economic diversification. However, the study also shows that little is currently known about the economic and ecological advantages and disadvantages of vitiforestry systems.