Varieties and Production Techniques


Cultivar studies of arable crops in order to identify varieties which

  • can be adapted to the soil and climatic conditions of this country
  • are resistant to diseases while preserving the environment
  • comply with the various quality criteria required by the market
  • can be efficiently and easily produced  

The scientists in charge of the cultivar study are aiming at:

  • complementing the Ordinance on Seeds and Plants (916.151.1) with other varieties to be entered into the National Catalogue
  • forming test networks and helping set up a list of varieties recommended by the trade organisations

Project Information

Project Title:
High-Performance Varieties and Adapted Field-Crop Management Techniques

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Straw Cereals

We provide for the necessary testing for entry into the Swiss national catalogue, apply the requirements stipulated in the ordinance, and contribute to the drawing up of the lists of recommended varieties.



To obtain high-quality maize grains and maize silage maize at low costs.

Techniques de productions pdt


- Certification
- Variety Study
- Production Techniques


Oilseed and protein crops

The choice of high-yielding varieties that are adapted to their environment plays an essential role in the success of a crop.



More information can be found on the german pages.

Alternative Kulturpflanzen1

Alternative crops

Whether marketed direct from the farm gate or sold as a premium product in specialist outlets, such niche-crop products represent a financially rewarding ‘top-up option' for the individual farm.


Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.)

The plant, which produces elongated tubers, has recently made it appearance in Switzerland, and is now grown by twenty or so producers.