LCA: Eco-Design, Environmental Information and Strategies for the Sustainable Use of Resources


How much CO2 does the production of a cutlet generate? What wheat-cultivation system is the most environmentally friendly? Our research projects provide answers to questions such as these.

Our research projects deal with environmental assessment in the following spheres:

  • Plant-production systems
  • Animal-production systems
  • Food processing
  • Energy production from biomass
  • Evaluations of entire farms

The variety and complexity of agricultural production systems means that a multitude of data must be gathered and processed. In order to answer concrete questions, we create life-cycle assessments based on these data for products, processes and systems. For instance, we investigate how production, transport and processing in the meat-production sector affect the environment, and how these environmental impacts vary from one animal housing system to another.

Project Information

Project Title:
Life-Cycle Assessment in the Agriculture and Food Sector: Eco-Design, Environmental Information on Foodstuffs, Strategies for the Sustainable Use of Resources