Nitrogen fertilisation in field crops


Developing new tools to improve the efficiency of nitrogen fertilisation in field crops.

Nitrogen fertilisation of field crops is an important topic for Agroscope. Within this context, Agroscope’s ‘Plant Nutrition’ team – in partnership with the FOEN, INRA-Laon, Terres Inovia and Timac Agro in France – launched the ‘AzoFert’ project in 2013, followed by ‘Réglette azote Colza’ in 2015. The aim of these projects is to evaluate the French software tools ‘AzoFert’ and ‘Réglette azote Colza’ – intended for use in the nitrogen fertilisation of field crops – under Swiss conditions, and to compare them with the methods currently in use in Switzerland. The two projects should enable us to improve the effectiveness of nitrogen inputs in agriculture, for the benefit of agricultural production, the quality of agricultural products, and the protection of the environment. The results of both projects are included in the "Principles of Agricultural Crop Fertilisation in Switzerland" PRIF 2017 guidelines.