Phosphate fertiliser


Effects of a new phosphate fertiliser on wheat nutrition and yield.

Phosphorus (P) is an essential mineral for plant growth. Given that easily extractable global phosphorus stocks are in decline and that over-fertilisation with this element can be a source of pollution, it would appear essential to improve the effectiveness of phosphate fertilisers in agriculture. Two independent experiments were carried out at Agroscope Changins (Switzerland) and RITTMO-Colmar (France) to compare the effectiveness of a fertiliser combining a complex phosphate with a  biostimulant (SSP-TIM) to that of a commonly used phosphate fertiliser, ‘super-simple phosphate’ (SSP). The study demonstrates that the SSP-TIM fertiliser can be utilised in different types of soil, especially when the fertiliser dose is reduced, which corresponds to numerous agricultural situations in Switzerland.