Wine analysis

Research and Development in Must and Wine area and their analytical tools


To obtain en enhance the quality of wines, we need to identify specific markers or aromatic precursors with positive or negativ impact.

The research focuses on monitoring the evolution of grapes since the beginning of maturation, to the bottling of wines, using in particular global, indirect or non-destructive methods as for example infrared spectrometry, fluorescence and electronic nose.

The main research area for the years 2014-2017 include monitoring of metabolites representative of the sanitary indexes phenolic potential of grapes, flavor precursors (grape and wine) and markers responsible for off-flavors (reduction, water or nitrogen deficient-stress) in wines, in particular the phenolic and sulfur compounds.

Commissioned Research Work



Improvement and Analysis of the Quality of Swiss Wines

Improvement and Analysis of the Quality of Swiss Wines

Swiss wines need to stand out for their excellent quality and added value compared to industrial or imported products. Oenological and analytical research is being conducted to reveal wine expression and terroir and to guarantee stability whilst reducing the use of sulphites.