« As little as possible, as much as necessary » - this is the goal of professional plant protection. Agroscope researchers have developed a modern tool to help farmers achieve this goal in viticulture, fruit and berry production.

With the Spraycalculator you get easy and convenient the amount of pesticide to use, because accurate spray agent calculation helps save costs and protects the environment.

Data are storable and exportable

The spray agent calculator enables farmers to record and store data on their parcels and spray agents. In addition they can store, retrieve and send in an e-mail the spray agent calculations made. This helps maintain an overview of plant protection measures taken.

Individually adaptable to tank size

It is rare that one completes a spraying session with only one full tank. The advantage of the app lies in the possibility of inputting the tank size and obtaining the number of full tanks plus the remaining amount itemised. The spray agent subset is listed separately for each individual tankful. This makes filling the tank easier for farmers.

Current calculation methods and help pages

For viticulture the app offers two methods of calculation: the adapted dose method or the stage method. For fruit-growing the tree volume is the basis of the calculation method. For Berries the calculation can be executed for different Berry Types (Strawberries, Summer/Automn Raspberries, Blackberries, Currants/Gooseberries and Blueberries). The app guides the user step by step to the result. Help pages can be opened if needed.

Calculation for small quantities

The spray agent calculator provides a simple calculation for small quantities (symbol handspray). This calculation mode is particularly helpful when using containers that hold different small quantities or when one wants to use more than one agent.