Information system to assess the risk of Fusarium infection and DON contamination in wheat

Since 2013, the information system FusaProg is also available through a web app for smartphones.  For registered wheat plots, downloads are available for daily values and infection-risk maps as well as forecasts of DON contamination. In addition, an ad hoc risk assessment for any wheat plot in Switzerland is available. The site of the plot is automatically located by the smartphone GPS.

In order to use the FusaProg Web App, interested cereal producers register first online at www.fusaprog.ch (user fee: CHF 30 per season). During registration, the programme will automatically assign a username, and you will choose your own password. Once the registered account is enabled by the system administrator, the web app can be used. For this, navigate with the browser on your smartphone to www.fusaprog.ch/fusaapp. On the homepage of the web app, you can enter your username and password to access the individual features. To create an app icon on your smartphone, you have to add the visited IP address to your home screen (iPhone) or save it as a shortcut (Android).

FusaProg / Web App

  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Assessment and evaluation of the regional situation

FusaProg Light / Web App

  • Quick assessment
  • Risk evaluation for the current day
  • Free of charge

Which factors increase the risk of Fusarium infection and high DON contamination?

Increased Fusarium graminearum (FG) infection and high deoxynivalenol (DON) contamination are the result of the co-occurrence of cropping factors favourable for FG infection together with warm and humid weather conditions during flowering period. Based on a Fusarium and DON monitoring programme carried out in the canton of Aargau from 2001 to 2003, Agroscope analysed and quantified the influence of different cropping factors on Fusarium infection. The combination of maize as a previous crop with reduced tillage and a wheat variety with a high to moderate susceptibility to FG proved to harbour the greatest risk. This knowledge, as well as findings on the weather conditions conducive for a FG infection (the most important DON producer) was used to develop the internet-based forecasting and information system FusaProg. In 2006, FusaProg was first tested in practice by the cantonal plant protection offices as well as in several on-farm wheat experiments conducted by Agroscope. The online version of FusaProg was available to cereal producers in 2007, and since 2013, the system can also be used through mobile phones.

By analysing and quantifying all important infection and contamination factors, FusaProg not only enables a good assessment of the DON contamination risk, but also serves as a valuable resource to enhance wheat cropping systems to avoid mycotoxin contamination as well as for advising and supporting the industry during delivery of cereal crops.