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Dans l’«Institutional Repository», vous trouvez les publications des chercheuses et chercheurs d’Agroscope. Lorsque la publication est en libre accès sous forme de PDF, elle peut être téléchargée. Si ce n’est pas le cas, à l’aide de la référence de la publication, vous pouvez voir où elle a été publiée.

Nouvelles publications

Ammann L., Bosem-Baillod A., Herzog F., Frey D., Entling M., Albrecht M.
Spatio-temporal complementarity of floral resources sustains wild bee pollinators in agricultural landscapes.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 359, 2024, 1-11.

Buerge I., Kasteel R., Poiger T.
Leaching of herbicides and their metabolites in lysimeters filled with soils from railway tracks.
Science of the Total Environment, 909, 2024, 1-11.

Heinz M. M., Galetti V., Holzkaemper A.
How to find alternative crops for climate-resilient regional food production.
Agricultural Systems, 213, 2024, 1-16.

Glaser M., Dullinger S., Moser D., Wessely J., Chytrý M., Lososová Z., Axmanová I., Berg C., Bürger J., Buholzer S., Buldrini F., Chiarucci A.
Pronounced turnover of vascular plant species in Central European arable fields over 90 years.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 361, 2024, 1-11.

Kläui A., Bütikofer U., Naskova J., Wagner E., Marti Serrano E.
Fresh produce as a reservoir of antimicrobial resistance genes: A case study of Switzerland.
Science of the Total Environment, 907, 2024, 1-12.

Schüpbach B., Kay S.
Validation of a visual landscape quality indicator for agrarian landscapes using public participatory GIS data.
Landscape and Urban Planning, 241, 2024, 1-11.

Bucheli T., Barmettler E., Bartolome N., Hilber I., Hornák K., Meuli R. G., Reininger V., Riedo J., Rösch A., Sutter P., van der Heijden M., Wächter D., Walder F.
Pesticides in Agricultural Soils: Major Findings from Various Monitoring Campaigns in Switzerland.
Chimia, 77, (11), 2023, 750-757.

Bachmann HP., Sartori C., Graber H. U.
Sicherheit und Qualität von Rohmilchkäse: zwei Seiten derselben Medaille.
Dans: Jahressitzung Agroscope - Emmentaler Switzerland 2023. 23. November, Agroscope Liebefeld (CH). 2023, 1-25.

Corazon-Guivin M.A., Romero-Cachique G., Del Aguila K.M., Padilla-Domínguez A., Hernández-Amasifuen A.D., Cerna-Mendoza A., Coyne D., Oehl F.
Rhizoglomus variabile and Nanoglomus plukenetiae, native to Peru, promote coffee growth in Western Amazonia.
Microorganisms, 11, 2023, 1-21.

Fouché J., Burgeon V., Meersmans J., Leifeld J., Cornelis J-T.
Accumulation of century-old biochar contributes to carbon storage and stabilization in the subsoil.
Geoderma, 440, 2023, 1-16.

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