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Publication List

Publications Elisa Manzocchi

Manzocchi E., Lautrou M., Schlegel P.
Native mineral and trace element supply through conserved basal diets for lactating dairy cows.
In: Spring conference Animal Nutrition. 23 May, Publ. Agridea / ETH Zurich, Lindau. 2024, 22.

Probo M., Svensk M., Pittarello M., Nota G., Terranova M., Schneider M. K., Manzocchi E., Dubois S., Mariotte P.
Nutritive value of Alnus viridis leaves and nitrogen translocation by Highland cattle in Alnus viridis encroached pastures.
In: European Agroforestry Conference (EURAF2024). 29 May, Brno. 2024, 1-22.

Manzocchi E., Huguenin-Elie O., Probo M., Wyss U.
Analyse multi-facteurs de la qualité des ensilages issus des prairies permanentes à utilisation intensive.
Recherche Agronomique Suisse, 15, 2024, 29-37.

Graf S., Manzocchi E.
Kein gutes Jahr für die Grassilageproduktion.
Schweizer Bauer, 27.Januar, 2024, 1-3.

Graf S., Manzocchi E.
Schwieriges Jahr für Dürrfutterproduktion.
Schweizer Bauer, 20.Dezember, 2024, 1-3.

Svensk M., Mariotte P., Terranova M., Pittarello M., Nota G., Frund D., Dubois S., Manzocchi E., Napoleone F., Meese S., Lombardi G., Allan E., Probo M.
Alnus viridis: An encroaching species with valuable nutritional value reducing livestock greenhouse gas emissions.
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment, 364, 2024, 1-12.

Manzocchi E., Ferlay A., Mendowski S., Chesneau G., Chapoutot P., Lemosquet S., Cantalapiedra-Hijar G., Nozière P.
Extrusion of lupines with or without addition of reducing sugars: Effects on the formation of Maillard reaction compounds, partition of nitrogen and Nε-carboxymethyl-lysine, and performance of dairy cows.
Journal of Dairy Science, 106, (11), 2023, 7675-7697.

Manzocchi E., Hayoz B., Rothacher M., Frick R., Hiltbrunner J., Vonlanthen T.
Multidisciplinary approach on the introduction of Sorghum spp. into Swiss forage production systems.
In: Global Sorghum Conference - Sorghum in the 21st Century. 5 to 9 June, Montpellier. 2023, 300.

Manzocchi E., Lautrou M., Schlegel P.
Swiss Feed Database: a closer look at minerals and trace elements in 10 years of roughage surveys.
In: 74th EAAP Annual Meeting. 31. August, Lyon (FR). 2023.

Hayoz B., Rothacher M., Manzocchi E.
Wie steht es um die Gärqualität von Sorghumsilagen?
Silo-Zytig, August, 2023.

Mariotte P., Grossiord C., Kay S., Manzocchi E., Aeby P., Ampuero S., Dubois S., Silacci P., Leifeld J., Jan P., Gazzarin C., Probo M.
Integrating fodder tree hedgerows in permanent grasslands to produce supplementary forage during summer drought.
In: General assembly of the association for the development of forage culture. 10th May, Sorens. 2023.
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Graf S., Manzocchi E.
Raufutter-Enquête 2022: Dürrfutter.
Publ. Agridea, 11. Januar, 2023, 4 pp.

Graf S., Manzocchi E.
Gutes und sauberes Dürrfutter.
Der Schweizer Bauer, 1. Februar, 2023, 16.

Graf S., Manzocchi E.
Das Grundfutter hat eine gute Qualität.
BauernZeitung, 3. Februar, 2023, 31-3.

Mariotte P., Dereuder E., Grossiord C., Kay S., Manzocchi E., Ampuero S., Dubois S., Silacci P., Probo M.
Integrating fodder tree hedgerows in permanent grasslands to produce supplementary forage during summer drought.
In: British Ecological Society Annual Meeting. 19 December, Publ. British Ecological Society, Edinburgh. 2022.

Manzocchi E., Ferlay A., Farizon Y., Enjalbert F., Bouchon M., Giller K., Kreuzer M., Bérard J., Martin B., Coppa M.
Herbage utilization method affects rumen fluid and milk fatty acid profile in Holstein and Montbéliarde cows.
Animal, 16, (12), 2022, 1-12.

Manzocchi E., Martin B., Bord C., Bouchon M., Bérard J., Coppa M., Delbès C., Verdier-Metz I.
Bacterial and botanical diversity of the pasture influence the raw milk cheese sensory properties.
Grassland Science in Europe, 27, 2022, 659-661.

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