ProMet - Bridge Discovery Project

ProMet - Bridge Discovery Project

Production and formulation of the biocontrol yeast Metschnikowia pulcherrima - from lab to application (ProMet).


Metschnikowia pulcherrima is a strongly antagonistic and highly competitive yeast of biotechnological interest, used in wine fermentation, and promising for bioprotection. It is the goal of this ProMet project to improve the persistence and biocontrol efficacy of M. pulcherrima by identifying techniques that prolong its chronological lifespan (CLS) and implementing this knowhow in the production process. We will perform basic research on the regulation of lifespan in M. pulcherrima, employ state of the art, fully controlled bioreactors, and test a new formulation method (patent application for use in starter cultures in preparation), which has never been used for biocontrol yeasts or the large-scale production of microorganisms in general.

Project structure

ProMet is a collaborative four-year project carried out at Agroscope sites in Changins, Liebefeld and Wädenswil in the mycology, biotechnology and fruit production extension groups. The overall project is divided into three main work packages that are defined by the complementary expertise of the collaborating scientists. The project grant provides funding for two PhD students and an application scientist of the Agroscope fruit growing extension. The expertise covered by our project comprises fundamental research on biocontrol yeasts, fermentation and formulation technology, and field research.


In the course of ProMet, we will prolong the CLS of M. pulcherrima and use long-lived cells to develop new formulations with improved persistence and efficacy in the field. ProMet is thus the foundation for a future M. pulcherrima–based plant protection product. The formulations that assure long-term stability and activity of M. pulcherrima will likely be applicable to other biocontrol organisms and thus benefit the development of alternative plant protection methods in general.

ProMet feedback loops: Laboratory - Biotechnology - Plant protection
The feedback loops incorporated in the plan of ProMet will assure that the results on lifespan extension from the lab are directly implemented in the production stage and tested on fruits and in the field.



Lancierung des Projekts ProMet zur Produktion von Biokontroll-Hefen

Agroscope hat die Finanzierung eines umfangreichen Forschungsprojekts rund um den Pilz Metschnikowia pulcherrima erhalten.
Die Forschenden werden während vier Jahren den Einsatz dieses Hefepilzes zur biologischen Bekämpfung von bestimmten Pflanzenkrankheiten untersuchen.