Lambs quarters (Chenopodium album)

Test on a resistant population of lambs quarters with Dancor 70 WG (metribuzin). Plants survive the approved dose N.
O = water control, N = approved dose, 2N = double the approved dose, 4N = quadruple the approved dose

Resistance status in Switzerland

For lambs quarters, only one mode of action has resulted in cases of resistance since 2011.

Several cases of resistance to photosystem II inhibitors (HRAC 5) have been confirmed: this resistance is not widespread throughout Switzerland, being mainly found in the Bernese Seeland. The resistance was confirmed for the first time in 2012 in the Cantons of Bern and Zurich.

Plant characteristics

Lambs quarters (Chenopodium album)

Annual summer dicot of the Amaranthaceae family

Colonised crops

Beetroot, maize, soybean, summer and winter cereals, potatoes, vegetables

Favourable conditions
for development

Low-diversity rotations, early sowing of crop, infrequent ploughing

Preferred soils

Sandy or silty-sandy, moist, nitrogen- and humus-rich with a wide variety of pH. An indicator plant for salinisation by soluble mineral fertilisers, particularly potassium fertilisers.

Germination window

Spring and summer



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Resistance Map