FRED®: Agroscope’s New Pear

The new pear from Agroscope’s breeding programme is called FRED®.

Breeding Process

  1. Based on crossings carried out in the year 2000 (hand pollination), over 1000 genotypes were planted and evaluated in terms of quality of the trees and fruit.
  2. Of these, 20 selected genotypes were then evaluated in terms of consumer appeal, shelf life, and susceptibility to fire blight.
  3. Trials conducted on several sites in Switzerland and Europe ultimately resulted in the creation of the new variety CH201, marketed under the trademark FRED®. 

The qualities of the new variety

FRED® boasts several characteristics that are important for producers and greatly esteemed by consumers:

  • Value-added for producers: Rapid entry into production, high productivity, tolerance to fire blight
  • Value-added for wholesalers: Very long cold-storage shelf life and good transportability
  • Value-added for consumers: Juicy, tasty, slightly tart; firm and crunchy flesh, easy to grab-and-go.

The pear is marketed under the registered trademark FRED® by our partner, VariCom.

FRED® is the fruit of 18 years of Agroscope breeding work.