RESO Symposium 2023

On Tuesday 26 September 2023, the Schweizer Obstverband (Swiss Fruit Association), Agroscope and the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL welcomed delegates to the Third Symposium on Resilient Varieties for Sustainable Swiss Fruit Production (‘RESO’). Project Head Moritz Köhle (Agroscope, Fruit Production Extension) presented the current experimental results and interim status of the project. After three years’ research, around 60% of the goals set have been achieved. The project team is motivated to continue advancing the project in its final year and to bring it to a successful conclusion.

Consumption was a major focus of this year’s RESO symposium. Guest speaker Babette Sigg Frank of the Konsumentenforum (‘Consumers’ Forum’) provided delegates with an interesting insight into consumers’ thoughts. In addition, Andreas Bühlmann (Agroscope, Post-Harvest Quality of Plant Products) presented the initial findings from consumer research for cherries and plums, and highlighted what consumers find important when buying.

Philippe Monney (Agroscope, Fruit Crops in the Alpine Region) showed both in a presentation and in the orchard how stress impacts apple trees, and how fruit trees can recover from this factor.

Throughout the day there were animated discussions about resilient varieties, a selection of which were tasted at the conclusion of the symposium. The speakers’ presentations can be accessed here.

Presentations of the speakers

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