Poppy (Papaver somniferum L.)


Poppy was cultivated in Switzerland into the middle of the last century, but was then supplanted by higher-yielding oil crops. Poppy seeds not used whole and unprocessed (e.g. in bakeries) can be pressed to extract an exceptionally nutritious oil with a high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids (75% linoleic acid), vitamins B1 and E, minerals, and trace elements. Poppyseed oil can also be used in medicinal products and cosmetics.
With the financial support of the Hauser Foundation, we are studying the technical challenges of poppy cultivation by means of small-plot trials.

Small-plot trials

Testing of winter poppy varieties; Refinement of sowing technique; Control of accompanying flora by non-chemical means. In addition, a joint project with ProSpecieRara focuses on propagating and providing a morphological description of poppy accessions collected in Switzerland.

Crop monitoring

Financial support from BioSuisse enables us to advise commercial farms within the framework of a project. In addition, knowledge exchange among practitioners as well as between researchers and practitioners is promoted through field inspections. The harvest from this project will be used in baked goods.