Research Projects


Optimisation of Growing Methods for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Soft-fruit research activity focuses on the optimisation of production techniques. The aims are manifold: to improve the quality of the fruit and the profitability of the crops, to increase resource efficiency, and to limit the use of plant-protection products whilst taking climate change into account. To this end, research is carried out at Agroscope as well as on the producers’ farms.


Breeding Medicinal and Aromatic Plants for Organic Cultivation in the Mountain Region

Located primarily in the mountain region, the Medicinal and Aromatic Plants sector in Switzerland focuses on organic growing. The domestication and breeding of the plants enables us to increase the quality, profitability and sustainability of the crops. Nowadays, 10 to 12 years of research are needed to obtain a new variety. The aim of the project is to reduce this period of time by incorporating new techniques that utilise genetic and phytochemical markers.