Aromatic and Medicinal Plants


There is an increasing demand for Swiss aromatic and medicinal plants (MAP): The mountain areas producerts grow and supply quality plants, which is a welcome diversification and innovation for mountain areas production. This supplies raw material to industries for innovative products. Problems often mentioned by industries and MAP production are the lack of momogeneity in the plants's morphology and phytochemistry, the loss of plants during winter, the losses due to diseases and pests, as well as high productions costs.

Moreover, the Swiss industry keeps seeking new innovative plants to broaden their products offer. The post harvest quality is related to increasingly specific demands to ensure a production which is consistent to standards (phytochemistry, microbiology). The producers meet specific problems needing quick answers. The annual requests of stakeholders (from producers to buyers) are taken into account, worked out according to their priority and presented during the end of year meeting of de Forum Plantamont (extension).

The project is supported by a cooperation with Mediplant regarding the working methods development, the exchange of non-confidential results and publications in common, as well as by financial support from Ricola SA.

Project Information

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Berries and Medicinal Plants: Varieties, Production, Crop Protection and Quality