Organic beekeeping

Biene auf Rapsblüte
Bee on a rape blossom

Organic beekeeping has been established in different neighbouring countries. The Swiss government has issued a directive on organic farming, published on the 1st of January 2002, which includes a section on beekeeping: "Regulation for beekeeping and bee products". This regulation, enables the transmission from conventional to organic beekeeping. The directive is available in German, French and Italien. Please choose the corresponding language. 

The Swiss Research Institute of Organic Agriculture has compiled a fact sheet on the requirements of organic beekeeping.

The Swiss Centre for Bee Research supports the introduction of organic beekeeping by various subject-oriented studies. You can read the results of our first studies:

Wachsumstellung im Rahmen der Bioimkerei (German (PDF, 51 kB, 22.09.2016)French (PDF, 79 kB, 22.09.2016), Italian (PDF, 51 kB, 22.09.2016))
A. Imdorf, S. Bogdanov, V. Kilchenmann (2004) Replacement of wax in organic beekeeping

Beeswax replacement in organic beekeeping: Is there a risk of contamination by residues in hive walls? (PDF, 61 kB, 22.09.2016)
A. Imdorf, V. Kilchenmann, R. Kuhn, S. Bogdanov (2002)