Sensory Analysis of Plant Products

Sensorik Pflanzliche Produkte

Fruits and vegetables as well as processed plant products originating in the Swiss agricultural sector provide the framework for our research activity. Sensory evaluation issues along the entire value chain are dealt with In close collaboration with plant breeding and analytics at Agroscope, and professional associations and research institutes in Switzerland and abroad. Using scientifically sound sensory testing methods, we develop new findings in the following subject areas

  • Variety descriptions and comparisons
  • Influence of cultivation variants
  • Influence of plant diseases
  • Influence of processing parameters
  • Influence of ingredients
  • Influence of packaging
  • Influence of storage techniques
  • Shelf-life behaviour

Based on the aim of promoting plant products in the diet, we generate new knowledge in terms of consumer preferences and aversions in Switzerland: 

  • Consumer tests
  • Driver analyses
  • Product concept tests
  • Product differentiation


Research Project

Pflanzliche Lebensmittel Frontseite

Quality of Plant Products

“Healthy, resource-saving, value-oriented yet enjoyable” – that’s the motto of the Qual-3P Project. The aim of the project is to maintain and improve the quality of domestic plant products – especially fruit and vegetables – from harvest to the consumer’s plate or glass. Here, the focus is on strengthening the role of plant products both in the human diet and in the production of high-quality foodstuffs.

Destillate Aromaraeder

Flavour Wheels

In order to allow a more accurate description of the range of flavours of various distillates, Agroscope has developed flavour wheels. Their common vocabulary is intended to facilitate the tasting and describing processes.